Ashtanga Yoga
Mysore-style ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois with Elise Espat. Elise holds level 2 authorization from the KPJAYI in Mysore, India.

Beginners and new students are welcome. The only requirement is a willingness to learn.

Classes take place at 206 Dartmouth Dr NE through November. From December 1 classes will move two doors down to Form Studio.

Mysore class schedule
Monday - Friday 6 - 9am
Elise teaches 6:30 - 8:45am Mon-Thu

No classes on moon days
11/22 Sat Moon Day
11/27-30 closed, no classes
12/1 classes begin at Form Studio
12/6 Sat Moon Day
12/21 Sun Moon Day
12/25 Thu Christmas Day closed

Tuition is paid before starting practice. Cash only please.
New student month $99
Ongoing students $194
Single class (for students with a current practice only) $20

New students are encouraged to make an appointment to observe a class prior to committing to practice. No refunds, transfers, or freezes on tuition. If you are in, you are in.

Yoga mats are available to borrow.

Email to request an appointment to observe, a private session, or simply stop by during class hours Monday-Thursday. Serious inquiries only please.

Please note the following:
Here are some guidelines that we use at the Albuquerque Ashtanga Yoga Shala for a pleasant and productive practice environment. Every Shala and teacher is unique, so if you are going some place new, be sure to check in with them about suggestions for practice.

Arrive to practice on an empty stomach. Do not bring any drinks into the Shala.

Turn off all electronic devices before entering the Shala.

Wear clean, comfortable, stretchy clothing similar to what one would wear to the gym. Avoid wearing jewelry and tie back long hair. Shoes are not worn inside the Shala, we practice with bare feet. Do not wear anything with perfumes and shower before practice.

Bring a clean towel and your own clean yoga mat. You may also rent a mat or purchase one at the Shala.

Settle your tuition before you begin your practice and take note of our terms.

Notify your teacher well and before you begin practice of any pain, soreness, injury, past surgeries, pregnancy, illness, fasting, etc.

If you are an experienced Mysore student, on your first day at the Shala practice the primary series.

Do not skip, add, or modify the traditional sequence unless requested.

Do not add any new asanas unless they are given.

Maintain silence and if necessary, speak quietly.

There are no classes on Moon Days or Sundays. The first three days of menstruation are also a time for rest.

Practice at home if you are sick, take rest if you have a fever.

Everyone sweats. Clean any moisture left on the floor around your mat before you leave.

स तु दीर्घकाल नैरन्तर्य सत्कारादरासेवितो दृढभूमिः
sa tu dīrghakāla nairantarya satkāra ādara āsevito dṛḍhabhūmiḥ

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